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Treating COVID-19 Symptoms

We Treat You Right At Home

Offering Treatment at Home for COVID-19

One of the three major symptoms of the Coronavirus is shortness or breath. Low Flow Oxygen Therapy (LFOT) has long been a major therapy in the recovery from temporary respiratory deficiencies that cause shortness of breath. Oxygen is a standard feature in the recovery from pneumonia because it compensates for the associated temporary reduction in lung capacity.

If shortness of breath (SOB) is limiting your necessary daily self-care activities even small amounts of oxygen can make your recovery easier. Oxygen Support Systems offers delivery, set-up, training and follow-up services for all oxygen customers. The Respiratory Therapists at Oxygen Support Systems work with our patients, the patient’s family and caregivers to provide the best and most comprehensive services to the patients in their homes or temporary residence. The delivery professionals at Oxygen Support Systems bring the supplies right to the home and offer on-site set-up and training. Our motto is: “We Treat You Right at Home.”

Oxygen Therapy for Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is common to everyone during physical exertion or any upper respiratory illness. It is also the most common symptom of severe or chronic pulmonary disease.  Reduced lung capacity due to a pulmonary disease, however, results in a shortness of breath which is not resolved by rest or by decongestants. Hypoxemia, the medical term for shortness of breath, is defined as insufficient oxygenation of the blood. It's damage is often rapid, irreversible and, especially among critically ill patients, fatal. When the amount of healthy interior lung surface is diminished by illness such as pneumonia hypoxemia (SOB) results. By replacing oxygenation to the human blood stream oxygen provides immediate relief from discomfort and anxiety. Oxygen Support Systems offers oxygen systems to suit the duration and severity of any home recovery or treatment.  Talk to the experts at Oxygen Support Systems about the best and most economical equipment to assist your recuperation in greater comfort with oxygen 

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Our prompt and courteous delivery people bring filled oxygen bottles to your home or medical office, remove the empty containers, refill oxygen containers, and provide inspection, training and updates right on site. That’s why we are truly your “Oxygen Support!” Cylinder filling turn around is normally 7 days with rush orders accommodated at some additional cost. 

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A Variety of Home Medical Equipment and Products 

Oxygen Support Systems has you covered with a wide assortment of wheelchairs, travel chairs, mobility aids, hospital beds, and other types of equipment to make your life safer and more enjoyable. We also sell reconditioned equipment at specially discount prices. Contact our team today!

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