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Travel & Temporary Use

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Oxygen Equipment On-The-Go

Traveling with oxygen presents many challenges. Oxygen Support Systems is known nationwide for providing dependable delivery and assistance to those visiting the entire Philadelphia and Atlantic City / New Jersey ocean shore regions.

How We Can Make Things Easy

As healthcare professionals, we will confirm your prescription with your physician or home oxygen provider to ensure a seamless continuation of therapy while you’re away. Oxygen Support Systems' knowledgeable travel consultants will arrange for your temporary oxygen needs regardless of oxygen modality or the type of equipment with which you are familiar. For a stress-free trip or temporary stay, contact the equipment supplier that you can count on… Oxygen Support Systems.

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Travel tips for oxygen users:

  1. Call your oxygen provider two weeks in advance to arrange for back-up services at your destination.
  2. If flying, you must contact your airline two weeks in advance. Your airline may request a letter from your doctor which approves you for travel and a copy of your prescription.
  3. The only oxygen allowed onboard a plane for use in-flight is a battery-operated Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC). Recharging is done by AC or DC adapter.
  4. Portable concentrators (POCs) are available in three general sizes: 5, 10 and 20 lbs. The lightest is useful for shopping and restaurants, the middle size for daily events like graduations and reunions and the largest for overnight travel. Battery size is the primary determinant of duration but also operating the machine in "pulsed-dose" mode is necessary to achieve the manufacturer's time estimates.
  5. Plan to carry with you the right tubing, power cords and attachments.
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