Prompt Oxygen Cylinder Servicing

Oxygen cylinders can be a heavy, hard to handle but necessary part of life for people and healthcare facilities staff as well. Let the experts at Oxygen Support Systems take care of that for you. Our technicians refill, test, and service oxygen containers of all sizes for all uses. Our delivery people bring filled oxygen bottles to your home or medical office, remove the empty containers for refilling and provide inspection, training and updates right on site. That’s why we are truly your “Oxygen Support!" Cylinder filling turnaround is normally 7 days with rush orders accommodated at some additional cost.

Hydrotesting of your cylinder, as periodically required by Federal regulation, generally takes an additional 2 weeks. 

"Loaner cylinders" are contrary to drug regulations in that the contents of a loaned cylinder can not be distributed to another customer. The contents of a cylinder returned to us must be evacuated to avoid contamination. Valve seals or dust caps are not the equivalent of a tamper-proof seal according to the Food and Drug Administration and therefore the purity of a re-used cylinder can not be guaranteed. Realizing that not every customer can afford to purchase a spare cylinder we provide temporary cylinders for just the cost of the contents without any additional rental charge. 

Exchanging cylinders is the primary cause of sticky, unsanitary and unsightly cylinders appearing in homes and health facilities. We strive to provide only clean, attractive cylinders and we assist our customers who are trying to do the same. We refill and return the exact cylinder you send to us. Cylinder exchange is also less economical than ownership since the need for cylinder maintenance is generally infrequent, such as hydrostatic testing, which is required only every 5 years.   

For more information on hydrostatic testing and other services associated with oxygen refilling see Cylinder Terminology page.