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The HELiOS® Personal Oxygen System is one

of the smallest, lightest, and longest lasting portable systems available. It

provides the long-term oxygen patient with the freedom to get out and go.

Patients can return to a more active lifestyle without the encumbrance of bulky,

heavy equipment and the bother of frequent refilling associated with traditional

oxygen therapy systems.

The H300 portable unit weighs a mere 3.6 pounds filled and has a duration of

use of 8-10 hours at a setting of 2. Refills from the HELiOS reservoir

take a quick 40 seconds. The HELiOS portable unit operates in a variety

of positions…safely and reliably.

The HELiOS Personal Oxygen System gives home care companies the

ability to cost effectively provide a better, friendlier system that breaks down

the barriers to effective long-term oxygen therapy. Due to the system's

efficiency, home care dealers can streamline liquid oxygen deliveries to as few

as 8 per year.

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