Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines, masks and accessories for the treatment of Sleep Apnea

FlexiFit HC432 Full Face Mask

Fisher and Paykel continues their unique "Under Chin" design with the new FlexiFit 432 full face ...

FlexiFit™ 406

Offers an over-the-nose mask solution that fits better, feels lighter and is easier to use.

ICON™+ Auto CPAP Machine

On Sale! $795.00

Higher insurance deductibles are changing customers' minds about buying CPAP instead of renting a machine using their insurance benefits. Insurance plans normally pay $1500 over 10 months for the average CPAP. If your deductible is, for example, $1,000 you'll contribute this to the medical supplier and still not own the machine for 10 months. In addition, new compliance requirements being imposed by insurance companies may result in interrupted or stopped payments if you do not use the machine every night for 4 hours or more, not to mention the hassle of reporting your usage through a computer or phone interface just to keep the rental payments flowing.

Compact and versatile this CPAP unit provides the ultimate in patient convenience at reasonable cost. Any one with an insurance deductible over $500.00 should carefully consider this product.