CPAP Terms and FAQ's

Q: I have tried to use my equipment but it's too uncomfortable. And my wife complains about the noise. What's the solution?

A: Most people adjust to the newness in 2 weeks and then report greatly improved sleep. If you've given yourself 14 nights to adjust the chances are your mask is not the right one. The noise bothering your wife is probably due to air escaping around your mask. Oxygen Support Systems provides the right mask or nasal pillows to insure both comfort and long-term compliance for CPAP users if the  proper mask is used. Contact the experienced mask consultants at Oxygen Support Systems for the truly right fit.

Q: My doctor wants me to have a sleep study.  What's with that?

A: Your doctor suspects that your airway becomes obstructed during sleep. A polysomnogram test at a sleep center will confirm or rule out sleep apnea. Testing will occur when you go to a facility where falling asleep in a room while being monitored is possible. Home testing is possible but insurance plans are not approving this convenient option with regularity at this time

Q: I have friends who rave about their breathing machine that has improved their quality of sleep. What is it?

A: Probably a CPAP device. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. The device is a small blower that helps keep your airway inflated when connected by a hose and a sufficiently air-tight mask that fits over the person's nose and possibly mouth as well. CPAP machines for the treatment of Sleep Apnea have been proven to result in satisfying, life-changing sleep.